Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Great Escape: Part 4

15th June 2016

On the bus back from Bamburgh castle today, I realised I was quite close to a disused station on the East Coast Main Line. I rang the bell, and got off in the fairly dull-looking village of Longhoughton. The station was just around the corner. Alas, most of it has been demolished, but I took a photo of myself anyway.

Rather than walking direct back to Alnmouth, I remembered an episode of Coast from about 10 years ago, where they reconstructed a Mesolithic hut, and it was nearby. Thought I'd have a look, but sadly that has disappeared too...
This was a roundhouse. Not so much now...

However, the coast path south was lovely. The sun was out, the sky and sea were blue, and it was even warm enough for me to take my jacket off. Hurrah!

Summery :)

Eventually made it back to Alnmouth, after passing a dead seal (I poked it with my foot to check it was dead. Perhaps it's lack of eyeballs should've been a giveaway), aWorld War 2 bunker, and a couple of golf courses. Time for wine now I think...

Oh dear.

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