Monday, 16 April 2018


Last Tuesday, Thom and I had a free afternoon, so went for a drive into the Dales. The scenery may have been stunning, with expansive moorland vistas all round, but I couldn't tell you, 'cos it was thick fog for the entire journey.

We went across to Barras, way up in the high fells of Cumbria first - and irritatingly, although I took a photo of myself, I accidentally deleted it in the uploading process, so at some point I will have to go back - perhaps when the weather is better. But anyway, for now this will have to do. This is the former stationmaster's house, on the westbound platform. There was a cat hanging around, but it fled at
the sight of Thom's dogs, so no photo of that either.

On the way back, we came back along the A66 - joining a speeding flow of heavy traffic in a thick
pea-souper was quite a hairy experience, but I'm not dead, so we obviously did something right. We stopped off to have a nose around Bowes. It's over twenty years since I was there last, and it's not looking at its best. The Pennine weather is definitely taking it's toll.

Took an updated photo - I'm not sure I'm ageing any better than the stonework, but I'll blame that on my phone camera. The selfie mode is always considerably blurrier (Is that even a word?) than the normal side. Perhaps I ought to invest in a new one. Ugh.