Friday, 28 March 2014

The First Post!

Once Upon A Time...

'Cos that's how these things start right? 

Well, technically this one started slightly differently - it was more of a good-idea-when-drunk sort of thing, which for a change, the morning after, still seemed quite good.

Basically, I was inspired by two other blogs - Merseytart, and Tubewhore (neither of which are even slightly pornographic, despite the names) - and thought I'd have a go at doing a similar thing. So, the aim of the game is as follows:

I, William Arthur, aim to take a photo of myself at every single railway station shown on this map:

 - preferably wearing some sort of old fashioned clothes, or at least a pleasant bit of knitwear. I will undoubtedly waffle on about nonsense too, and post extra pictures of other things too - perhaps hens (I quite like hens), or an artful shot of my sandwiches.

Of course, some of you may now be thinking "What a ridiculous idea - what if the station has closed down? What if it's been demolished?", but that's for me to worry about...

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